26th – 2nd – Holiday Storage: What is it? And Why Should You Use it? Store That Canary Wharf Talks

For the lucky few jetting off to exotic destinations this summer; you will understand the amount of prep that goes on before you even land on the sunny shores of the Bahamas or embrace the sweltering heat in Morocco.

Store That Canary Wharf understands that in fact, if packing wasn’t stressful enough; you have to worry about the safety and state of the belongings you leave behind. Did you leave the iron on? Is the backdoor locked? Did we hide the laptop?

Well, Store That London Docklands have a solution to take the stress out of holiday preparation and it’s renting out our secure storage units in E14. This is particularly useful if you are going away for weeks or months at a time. While it may seem like an extra faff; holiday storage with us ensures your belongings are kept in a secure location while your enjoying the sun on some tropical island. Most definitely making the pre-holiday rush a stress-free time for you and your family.

75% of burglaries occur when the property is unoccupied or when the ownersare away. It is shocking figures like this one that show that your empty home provides burglars with the perfect opportunity. So wouldn’t you feel safer knowing that all of your valuables are protected in our storage units?

Established 65 years ago, Store That Canary Wharf offer a secure site in the heart of East London with constant CCTV coverage and 24-hour in-house security. We provide a wide variety of storage units in sizes from 20 – 150sqft; at either ground level or first floor as well as drive up units Canary Wharf.

Our team has years of expertise in this field, specializing in the handling, packing and wholesale of raw materials in the storage industry. That means over our six decades of running, we are more than capable of storing and shipping goods from around the world.

For more information about our storage services in East London, call 0207 5151 300 or email info@storethat.co.uk.