Welcome Aboard! Store That Canary Wharf Present 12 New Shipping Containers

All hands on deck! Store That Canary Wharf have just installed a brand new row of “upper deck”  20 sea containers to our existing fleet of self-storage units.

These units were originally built to sail the high seas for at least 15 years. They sailed on open decks and in blustery conditions, whilst being splashed with salt water! Our brand new shipping containers come with vented sides and industrial grade anti-condensation paint to the underside of the roof to protect them against damage.

Sitting on top of our shipping containers, these new “upper deck” containers give you even more protection against flooding, compared to our other storage solutions.

But you may be wondering, ‘who would need such a big storage space?’ Well, you would be surprised!

We have had different types of customers who have used this equipment including tradesmen; collectors; hobbyists; large house moves and local offices. Some of the uses of our shipping containers are:

  • Spare Office Equipment and Furniture
  • Old Furniture
  • Unique Collector's Items i.e. vintage guitars or valuable paintings.
  • Specialist Equipment i.e. agricultural or construction equipment.

We also offer a racking out service if required; fabulous for box files and knick-knacks.

Store That Canary Wharf provide a variety of secure storage units in E14, including drive up units and standard storage units. To suit all of our customers specific needs, our units range from sizes 20-150sqft and they are fully protected by CCTV coverage and 24-hour in-house security to guarantee the safety of your belongings’.

So, if you are in need of a clean and dry; capacious unit in a central location; excellent staff service and a secure premises; then please give us a call on 0207 5151 300 or email info@storethat.co.uk.