Why Sea Containers Are The Best Self-Storage Option?

For years, the shipping container was synonymous with cargo ships. Making its name from its involvement in the shipping trade. These large, virtually-indestructible steel boxes would be used to store and transport items across the long distances. And volatile terrain that came with shipping. However, these sea shipping containers have come to develop a new use due to their durability and affordability.

Whether it’s back garden sheds to swimming pools, there is an ever-increasing trend to convert these industrial containers into practical and artistic constructions. One of these uses includes: secure self-storage E14.

Unlike traditional self-storage units, sea containers give individuals a huge amount of space to play with. Most shipping containers are at least 8ft wide with lengths of 20ft - 40ft. Meaning customers have more than enough space to keep their furniture or belongings.

Our Sea Containers

At Store That Self Storage - Canary Wharf. We have a number of sea containers available for rental. Our brand new containers give the hirer 155 sq ft of space. Which is about as big as your average bedroom or one and a half garages. This makes it perfect for the storage of families moving out of a three bedroom house or a small business move.

Another benefit of using sea containers for self-storage, as opposed to traditional units. Is the materials they are made from. Designed out of weathering steel, this material inhibits corrosion of the shipping containers. Meaning they are able to battle against the elements and last for years.

When used in shipping, these containers are often subjected to stormy seas and terrible weather. So with this in mind, the shipping containers are often sealed airtight to prevent flooding and leaks. However, this design feature does not help those wanting to store belongings in them on a long term basis as it creates condensation and damp.

How We Can Help

To help prevent this. Store That Self Storage East London have utilised an industrial grade anti-condensation paint, professionally applied to the inside of the roof . In addition, we have installed side vents to allow air circulation. Nevertheless, it is always important to store dry goods in your units and sea containers.

If you want to find out more about Store That’s Sea container rentals. Why not get in touch with the team on 020 7515 1300?