Blow Away the Cobwebs This Halloween with Store That Self Storage East London

Halloween is only a matter of days away now, before you know it there will be hundreds of children taking to the streets to ask the infamous question “Trick or Treat?”. Well, at Store That Self Storage, we’re saying ‘why not treat yourself?’. How? With an Autumnal Spring clean of course! Fear not! There is a method to our madness, here’s a list of benefits ‘blowing the cobwebs away’ could have:

More Clutter Means More Stress

As the saying goes, ‘a tidy room is a tidy mind’. We suppose this statement speaks the truth as research shows that housework can cut stress and anxiety worries by 20%. Now the kids are back at school after a long summer break, you may be left with the hangover mess that is unorganised drawers and ‘junk cupboard’. Well, with our storage solutions you can have peace of mind that your belongings are stored safely as well as having a clutter free house.

Encourages an increase in productivity

Not only does a de-clutter improve your mood, it also boosts your productivity levels. A staggering 77% of office workers admitted that a cluttered space distracts them. If you have a home office that looks inhabitable, why not store old folders and receipts in our raised sea containers to provide extra protection against flooding and other harsh weather conditions.

Helps to Prepare for the Following Season

You may think it’s too early to mention the ‘c’ word (we’re talking about Christmas of course!). However, having a mid-autumn deep clean can help you prepare for the Winter ahead. If you’re a lover of celebrating Christmas with the whole family, why not have a clear out early to make room for entertaining. We have a range of storage solutions in E14 to help you.

At Store That, we can help find the correct storage solution to suit your needs. We can offer units to rent on either a short or a long-term basis. If you would like more information, why not call 020 7515 1300 to speak to our team today?