Strangest Things Found in Storage Units with Store That Self Storage Canary Wharf

Believe it or not. Abandoned self -storage units are a modern-day treasure chest! Unfortunately, if the owner of a storage unit forgets multiple payments then the storage facility are allowed to auction off the unit and its contents to members of the public. In America, there are more than 50,000 abandoned storage units that are worth up $1 billion.

Here are a few of the strangest things found in self-storage:

1. James Bond’s Submarine Car

The last thing you would expect to find in a storage unit is a prop from a blockbuster movie but that’s exactly what happened to a man from New York. In 1989, the man paid $100 to buy the contents of the storage unit in the city. When he and his brother cut open the lock the next day, they found a white sports car.

2. Elon Musk

It was missing all the wheels and with a dented roof. He tied the car to the back of his truck where he told on the CB radio that the car was part of the Bond franchise. Used in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), the sports car was one of the submarine cars operated by James Bond himself. The car was later purchased at auction by Elon Musk, Tesla founder. For almost $1 million.

2. Human Leg

When Shannon Whisnant found a barbeque in the storage unit. We can imagine he was looking forward to cooking up some burgers for the family. Not, as he did, find an amputated human leg sitting underneath the lid. Unfortunately, the storage unit has been owned by John Wood. Who lost his leg above the knee during a plane crash in 2004. The amputee was keeping the leg in the storage unit so he could be buried with it. However he fell behind on payments and the storage unit was auctioned off. After months of court trials, the leg was returned to John by Shannon who legally owned it.

3. NASA Rocket

Reality show Auction Hunters followed Allen Haff and Clinton Jones as they bid $1500 for a storage unit. After successfully securing the bid, the professional self-storage unit hunters started to sort through the contents of their new unit. While expecting to find an abundance of old clothes and worthless comic books. They stumbled across a NASA countdown clock and rocket.

They later met with a space memorabilia expert who authenticated the items as belonging to NASA before Haff and Jones sold the items on.

How We Can Help

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