Having a Clear Out before Christmas? Store That Canary Wharf have the Solution!

Unfortunately, there’s not much time between wrapping the presents and hanging up Christmas decorations. Or attending the festive parties around this time of year for tidying. But how often on Christmas day are you rushing around the house in search for the right tray to hold the turkey? Or trying to find enough stools and armchairs to fit everyone around the table? Store That can help!

If you want to get properly organised before the festive period, then maybe it’s time for a sort out. Particularly your kitchen!

1. Put a Plan in Place - If you’re anything like us, you will start cleaning one area of the house and realise there are a thousand of other jobs you need to do here. To help you keep on track of your cleaning, keep a list of all the jobs you need to do before Christmas day. Some areas may be: behind the sofa and under the beds.Plus the kitchen cupboards, the junk drawer. Lastly, defrosting the freezer and cleaning the oven. Giving yourself a list of things to do will give you the chance to plan this into your schedule.

2. Don’t Pull Out Too Much Stuff - While it may be hard, some things are better off left where they are! Perhaps the kids’ play room is something you want to tackle this year. It’s just Christmas may not be the time! If you start this task at this time of year, it’ll only lead to you realising it’s a bigger job than you thought and you will be stuffing all the toys back in their original places. One idea is to wait until after Christmas when inevitably there will be more toys to pack away. Then make decisions about what needs to be binned in order to make room!

3. Be Ruthless - Christmas is a particularly sentimental time of year. But don’t hold on to damaged or broken items just for the sake of it. Whether it’s chipped, fancy crockery or cookbooks you never use. These items are only clogging up your kitchen cupboards! Even if these items are just moved out of the immediate kitchen-preparation zone. By moving some of the junk from your kitchen out of the way you will be more organised Christmas day.

How Store That can Help:

If you’re slowly realizing you’re rapidly running out of space this festive season, fear not, Store That Self Storage East London can provide you with safe and secure storage units in E14. In fact, we offer a number of self-storage services, including sea container rentals. Ranging from 20sqft to 150sqft, our units are protected by CCTV cameras as well as our in-house security 24 hours a day.

To find out more information about our self storage E14. Get in touch with the Store That team on 020 7515 1300 or email info@storethat.co.uk