Clever Places to Hide Christmas Presents This Year with Store That Canary Wharf

With pesky children and a nosey husbands sniffing around the Christmas tree each year. Most of us resort to hiding the gifts on top of the wardrobe or even in the loft. However, if it's not the little ones sussing out your hiding spots. Your partner is bound to track them down - making it difficult for mums everywhere to keep presents safe from prying eyes.

With nine out of ten parents saying they tried hard to keep presents out of sight of their children. Store That have listed some of the very best places to hide Christmas gifts.

1. Garage

Depending on the age of your youngsters, the garage could be the ideal spot to hide presents ahead of the big day. With a huge expanse of space and high ceilings, garages provide you with excellent spots the kids won’t look at.

2. Loft

Again, the loft/attic is another place where your kids won’t have access to - or at least, you hope so! You can stick a number of gifts into this unsuspecting space to keep them out of the kids sight. However, make sure your spot is safe from any pests or drafts and flooding. Electronic items and valuable gifts will not survive well in the fluctuating temperatures.

3. Shed

It may be used to store plant pots, the lawn mower and compost. But it can be the ideal place to store your Christmas gifts during this time. The kids are unlikely to be walking in and out of your garden shed in the weeks leading up to the big day so your presents will be out of sight.

4. A Friend’s House

A strange one, we know! But you would be surprised at the amount of people (65%) who are using their friends and neighbours’ homes to store Christmas gifts. It does have its advantages though - this hiding spot is particularly useful when you’re purchasing a big present such as a bike or even a car.

5. The Office

Keeping presents at the office may be the last place you think of but if you have a private desk with a filing cabinet or shelving, it could be handy! However, make sure your desk is secure before you leave them there - particularly if it's an expensive item. Having someone walk off with your husband’s expensive watch would definitely ruin Christmas!

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