Reasons You May Use Self-Storage E14

When people think of using secure self-storage E14, they tend to think of using the units. They think of units that assist with moving-house or when they are running out of space at home and need somewhere to put those odd bits of furniture. Self-storage is great for these reasons; however, self-storage also has a huge number of other practical applications for a variety of different people and industries.

Here at Store That East London, our team have assisted many different customers with their self-storage needs in E14. So we have compiled a list of some of the reasons people may be using self-storage.

Office Storage in London.

We are based very close to Canary Wharf and the city of London. This means that our team at Store That East London, have seen their fair share of businesses store office equipment in our secure self-storage units E14. Many offices will undergo a re-fit. They may even implement a complete makeover as they compete to keep up with trends and technology. This makes the old equipment redundant and in need of a place to be stored until they are sold on or used at another office location. With our 24hr CCTV and on-site security, even boxes of paperwork; files or old computers have been safely stored away at Store That East London.


Selling products online has become a very popular business opportunity over the years. The only problem is if you are selling products online, where do you store the products? Many very successful e-commerce businesses started very humbly using self-storage units to contain their stock. With our opening times operating competitively with most other trading hours you will always have the chance to get those orders out to your customers.


Whether it is a gap year or a couple who have sold their house to fund the trip of a lifetime; there is always bound to be those items that you will want when you return. What better place to put those valuables than in self-storage. If your plans are to return from your trip and move back into a new home. Then, our sea container storage units have enough space for the contents of a medium sized house or 3 bedroom flat! So, you can be safe in the knowledge that when you return from your travels you won’t have to worry about buying any more furniture.

If you would like to know more about what self-storage options that are available to you at Store That East London. Contact our friendly team today on 0207 5151 300.