5 Amazing and Innovative Upcycling Ideas for Sea Container Storage

If you follow our blogs, you will know that the team here at Store That East London can’t champion the humble sea container enough. The versatility, durability and internal storage space that they offer is second to none! Our sea containers are brand new with insulated roofs and ventilated sides, which are great for transporting goods across the world's oceans. So, what use do they have when they are no longer deemed seaworthy?

Our team here at Store That East London have compiled a list of the best upcycling ideas we have seen and heard about for sea containers once they are put into retirement.

Sea container storage

We had to start with this one! With a massive 155sqft of internal storage space, sea container storage offers enough room for the contents of a three-bedroom flat or a medium sized house!

Garden Shed

Every Brit needs a good shed in their garden; there is just something in our blood that makes us appreciate a nice sturdy garden shed. But, you won’t get much sturdier than using a sea container. So, why stop at a shed? Sea containers would also make fantastic garden rooms or home offices. They also offer the additional security of being made of steel rather than wood and no risk of wood rot.

Swimming pool

Ever dreamt of having your own pool? Simply buy a shipping container; cut the roof off and you have got the perfect sized base to start building your new outdoor swimming pool. You won’t have to worry about planning permission or any digging. However, just make sure it is watertight before you fill it up.

Pop up shops and retail space

Box Park in Shoreditch is a perfect example of how versatile sea containers can be when it comes to retail space. From cafes to clothing stores the internal space and durability offer a great blank canvas for any business.

Sea Container farming

This is a relatively new, yet innovative idea. A new wave of farmers are growing crops inside upcycled sea containers using UV light and recycled water systems. One of the best features of this type of farming is that you are able to stack the sea containers on top of each other. As a result, this means you don’t need a huge field to harvest an impressive crop. The crops are also a lot less likely to suffer from any pests, as you are able to shut out the elements. Resulting in a lot fewer pesticides having to be used on the crops.

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