Stress Free Downsizing with Sea Container Rentals

For many people having to downsize their home can be a very emotional decision. It can be brought on by numerous reasons. One of the biggest stresses often associated with downsizing is knowing what to do with your personal effects. It can often lead to arguments as even a favourite armchair can hold some form of emotional attachment.

Here at Store That East London, we understand what the stress of downsizing can do to a family. Luckily, we have the expertise to help make downsizing your home as stress-free as possible. Our team have compiled a list of benefits for using sea container rentals to store your possessions.

  • By using one of our 20’ sea containers East London you will have enough room to store the contents of a three bedroom flat! So, you should have plenty of room to store your furniture that may not fit in your new, smaller home. Allowing enough space for you to be able to regularly access the contents of your container. Meaning you won't have to pull everything out as you decide, over time what you want to keep and what to get rid of.


  • As your family gets older you will undoubtedly have children fledging the family nest. Keeping your old furniture safe in a sea container rental you are able to store furniture and other items for your relatives. Saving you from having to go through the emotional stress of having to throw them away. Instead, they can have a new lease of life with a family member.


  • If you store your items in a 20’ sea containers in East London, you will also have the freedom to come back and change your décor in your new home. Allowing you to swap items of furniture until you have the desired finish. Or alternatively, you can keep changing the décor of your downsized pad to keep a bit of excitement to your new living arrangements.

If you would like to know more about our 20’ sea container rentals in East London or what other self-storage options Store That East London have to offer, then contact our friendly, helpful team on 0207 5151 300.