Why Students Should Have Used Self-Storage East London this Summer.

September is here and for many that means the hell of having to get back to university! Although this can be an exciting time of year; as this means you are able to continue your studies and be reunited with old friends; it also has its challenges, as many students have the mission of trying to get everything they need back into their university accommodation. This can be a stressful time for many students; which can, therefore, take away the last chance to relax with the family for a while.


With most students only owning a small hatchback; having to get everything they will need for the year in their tiny car can be some peoples’ worst nightmares. If all of your essentials do not fit in your car then you are left with very little options; you could try and rent a van. However, most rental companies won’t let a student drive away with one of their vehicles; due to their age; besides this can be expensive. This leaves them usually having to call on mum and dad for help; not the best start on the journey to independence.


Storage containers for rent

Some of the smarter students may have utilised their local self-storage facility like Store That Canary Wharf, where they will have many different storage containers for rent. By storing all of your essentials in a secure self-storage unit near your university over the summer; you will have the opportunity to relax in the lead up to the beginning of the term. This is a better alternative to frantically packing and trying to find transport options that will no doubt stress out the whole family. When you arrive at your university accommodation you will just simply have to pop over to your secure self-storage unit to retrieve your items. It really is as simple as that!


How Store That Canary Wharf can help

Here at Store That Canary Wharf our site has great road access and is only a short drive from some of the most prestigious universities in London. Our self-storage packages can be built around your needs allowing us to offer temporary or long-term secure self-storage solutions.


Finally, if you would like to know more on how Store That Canary Wharf can help you with any of your self-storage requirements; contact our friendly team today on 0207 5151 300 and ask what storage containers for rent we have on offer.