What people collect and store in our secure storage units in E14

It has been written in the Guardian that about a third of all Britons collect something. Collecting things has even become a psychological study, while some people start collecting as some sort of money-making venture there are a lot of people who collect things due to the emotions and memories that the collectable can bring. Then there are those that just love the hunt of finding that exclusive one off.

The team here at Store That Canary Wharf have seen their fair share of collections come and go we have listed some of the more common collections we have seen pass through our gates.

Comic Books

Due to the recent popularity of the Marvel and DC films the country has seen a huge surge in popularity in collecting the original printed versions of our favourite on-screen heroes. Many comic books can hold value for a number of reasons and as a result become a very popular choice for collectors. If you need extra space to store your comic books, have a look at our secure storage units in E14, we have a huge range of sizes to suit any avid collector.


Many stamp collectors see stamps as mini pieces of art and a unique part of history that you can easily fit in an organised folder. Many stamp collectors do not buy stamps as an investment but do it for the pleasure they bring.

 Action figures and dolls

Although again many people simply collect dolls and action figures for pleasure, they can be big business if you collect the right ones with the intention of selling them on. In fact, a rare German doll once sold for approximately £242,000! When collecting dolls and action figures it can become hard to let them go for a lot of people and as a result many resort to storing them in units such as our secure storage units in E14.

If you are looking for a secure site to store your collectables, then contact the friendly team here at Store That Canary Wharf and they can advise on the appropriate sized unit you may need. 0207 5151 300.