Conquer the Christmas Holidays with Secure Self-Storage in the Isle of Dogs

With the all the retailer's Ads being released recently, Christmas is hanging in the air. As people start to seriously think about their Christmas shopping and what gifts to get who, the stress will inevitably hit. On top of all the pressure of buying gifts you also have the challenge of squeezing in the whole family around the dinner table or into your London flat. To ensure that Christmas goes as smoothly as possible you are going to have to get ahead of the crowds and ensure that you have enough space for the family.

To make sure that you get through Christmas with your sanity intact, the team here at Store That Canary Wharf has listed some ideas to see that Christmas holidays live up to your expectations.

Stash the clutter

With the family descending on you for your famous Christmas dinner you are no doubt staring at the living room or dining room and thinking ‘where is everyone going to sit?’ You may need to have a think about which guests are coming over and what you will and won’t need. If your coffee table, side unit or even computer are taking up valuable seating space then it might be a good idea to look into secure self-storage solutions.

Stock up on chairs

Getting enough chairs in before Christmas day is a good idea as it gives you the opportunity to do a trial run of where people can sit and plan the best use of the limited space you have. This also means that your guests don’t have to bring their own resulting in more boot space for all your presents!

Hiding the presents

It doesn’t matter how inventive you get at hiding the Christmas gifts the kids will be looking for them. If you want to be a gift hider level expert, then why not hide them in our secure self-storage unit in E14.

Here at Store That Canary Wharf our facility has 24hr CCTV and onsite security to ensure that the Grinch doesn’t come and ruin your Christmas. If you would like to know more about our secure self-storage in the isle of dogs, then contact our team today on 0207 5151 300.