Crazy Finds in Peoples Attics with Store That Isle of Dogs, Part Two

If you are a frequent reader of our blogs here at Store That Isle of Dogs you would have probably seen our last blog that was about the craziest attic finds. Turns out there has been a lot of crazy stuff found in people’s attics. So, as a result, our team has once again done some research to bring you even more crazy stories of the things found in people’s attics.


Honesty or $45K?

A man from Utah once found in his newly acquired home’s garage loft a number of old ammunition tins. These tins turned out to contain $45000! After instantly thinking he had hit the jackpot; the man then started to think of the previous, now deceased resident and the family he left. Wanting to set a moral example to his children the man tracked down the oldest son of the previous resident and handed over every dollar! A truly honest and noble act. What would you have done?


What a creep

Back in 2012 a mother of five in the South Carolina, USA, heard strange noises coming from above her in her house. At around 2.30am one morning, nails started to fall from the ceiling to the floor. Feeling more than a little creeped out, the woman sent her nephew up into the attic to investigate. No one would have expected the nephew to have found that the woman’s ex-boyfriend; who she dumped 12 years previous, was living up there spying on her!

Hope you aren’t reading this at night, alone in your home!


I have a dream

A man from Nashville Tennessee, USA, called Steven Tull found an incredible slice of history in his father’s attic. After going through some boxes Steven discovered a reel of tape labelled ‘Dr. King Interview Dec 26, 1960.’ After borrowing an appropriate tape player Steven was shocked to hear an interview being conducted by his father with the interviewee; Dr Martin Luther King Jr.


Before you get out your step ladder and jump into the attic to see what you can find; you might want to consider moving some of those items already up there and in the way of your treasure hunt to a secure self-storage unit in E14.

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