Long-Term Self Storage in East London for Your Furniture

Whether you have old or antique furniture that doesn’t suit your East London home décor or have items that you are saving for when the children fledge the nest. Excess furniture can quickly make a home feel smaller and cluttered. Rather than keeping these pieces of extra furniture in your home; where they are at risk of becoming damaged or taking up much-needed space; you could look into self-storage in East London.  

The team at Store That East London have compiled a list of the best ways to store and protect your furniture for the long term.


Clean it up

Before you store any furniture, you need to ensure each piece is thoroughly clean. Wipe down your piece of furniture with a fresh cloth. Use a cleaning solution that is suitable for the material you are cleaning. It is important to let the piece of furniture air out until completely dry. This is because any trapped moisture can damage furniture especially pieces that are made of fabric such as chairs or sofas.


Break it down

If you can disassemble a piece of furniture such as a wardrobe this can be very handy when it comes to transporting it to your storage facility. It will also save you space in your storage unit. This means that you can save money by getting a smaller unit or fit more into a larger unit.


Cover up

Now your furniture is prepped, you need to protect it, by covering and packing it up. When doing this try to pick materials that allow air to circulate. This can be materials such as blankets so that they keep dust away without causing condensation. Using plastic sheets can cause unwanted moisture in your unit by creating condensation.


Play Tetris

When loading your unit make sure you utilise the space while thinking about the well-being of your furniture. Although you want to make the most of the space; you need to keep some distance between your furniture to allow for air flow. Leaving space between your items will also reduce the chance of accidental damage if you ever have to remove or move a piece of furniture.


If you need storage space for your extra furniture, Store That East London can offer a range of self-storage solutions; from drive up units in E14 to sea containers for rent in East London. Contact our helpful team today on 0207 5151 300 to see how we can help you.