Dealing with Limited Living Space in London

Living in a vibrant city like London can have so many benefits with so much happening and going on around you. However, having everything readily available at your doorstep often comes at a small price, which is limited living space. Much like many other cities; London is known for its lack of living space as a one bed flat is likely to set you back as much as a small castle up North would. There is barely anywhere to park your car outside. The same can also be said for your possessions on the inside as there is no room for storage space.


The experts at Store That in E14 have years of experience helping Londoners deal with their lack of storage space. Here are their top tips for making the most of the limited area.


‘Tidy house tidy mind’

One of the simplest ways to increase your available space is to decrease the number of things you have filling it. Clearing out old clothes and items that you don’t use anymore can reduce mess and restore order in more ways than one. Not only will it benefit your living space, but it can also be great for clearing your mind too!


Re-arrange and get creative

Clearing out can apply to the big items too! Trying to fit a three-piece sofa suite into a box room can be like playing an impossible game of Tetris. Putting a lot of furniture in a small area can make it look overcrowded and cluttered. Try and minimise the number of bulky things you put in a room to make it appear bigger. This doesn’t mean throwing out your favourite items; you can simply put them into secure storage in the E14 area, so they’re close by when you want them again.


Get organising

If clearing out and reducing the number of things you have isn’t an option; why not try and reduce the space it all takes up. For example, try using drawer organisers or tidy your things away systematically so they’re neat. Additionally, there are now much space saving furniture ranges such as fold away tables or collapsible chairs that are just as practical as normal furniture but use less space.


Regardless of the size of your living space, it’s always nice to create more room and if anything; minimalism is in this year! If you’re looking for storage in East London; Store That has plenty of secure storage space in the E14 area for you to keep all of those items taking up precious living space.