Transforming Your Spare Room Into A Nursery

With a new royal baby just around the corner, we started thinking about all the other soon-to-be parents and how we could help. Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but it also means making some drastic changes in your life; especially around your home. But don't fret! A new baby doesn’t mean rushing out to buy a bigger house, it means utilising the space you have to create a beautiful (and practical) nursery for your little one.

That’s why the team at Store That London Docklands have created top tips for transforming your spare room into a nursery fit for your own prince or princess.

Get organised

Organisation is key to turning your junk room into a nursery. This means sorting through and getting rid of all the things that take up space or that you no longer use. Try creating three piles to make things easier; keep, throw and donate. If your keep pile is too big to store at home, consider packing them into our cardboard boxes and storing them away in a Store That storage unit.


Adding colour and decoration

Now for the fun part. When decorating your baby’s nursery, we recommend choosing a calming, baby-friendly colour. A fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper can work wonders on a neglected spare bedroom. While pink or blue might be more traditional choices, neutral choices can also be great for nurseries; especially if you’re leaving the gender of the baby as a surprise.


Creating more storage

Despite their size, babies need a lot of space! With all the clothes, towels, blankets, wraps and toys they accumulate, creating adequate storage space is essential. Shelves and boxes are great for storing all the toys and books your bundle of joy is gifted. Not only do they provide added decoration, but they also maximise the much-needed surface storage space.


Once the nursery is all set up, all you have to do next is wait…

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