Preparing Your House for A New Puppy

After years of mulling it over, you’ve finally decided to adopt a dog. Dogs are a fun and exciting new addition to a family, but it also means making some big changes in your life; especially around the home.

When it comes to dog ownership, it’s important to ensure your house is ready for the new arrival. Here’s a list of top tips from the Store That, London Docklands, team to ensure your home is ready for your new family member.

House Cleaning

Adopting a new puppy or dog provides a great opportunity for housecleaning on a major scale. Since puppies are practically furry hoovers – swallowing everything they see on the floor – make sure that the floor is clear of debris. Remember, puppies will get into anything and everything. So, make sure to keep all electrical cords off the ground or out of sight and keep human treats in high places.

Shopping Trip

Now that your house is clear of any potential puppy hazards, it’s time for the fun part. Choosing a comfortable bed is an essential part of dog ownership. Make sure to go for one that can be easily cleaned and is unlikely to be destroyed by your pooch. You should also make sure to invest in healthy dog food, training pads, toys and grooming supplies to ensure your dog is well looked after.

Storage Solutions for Dogs

Just like a human baby, both dogs and puppies need a lot of space. With all the toys, bedding and puppy pads for toilet training, you’ll soon find that there’s simply not enough space to fit everything in your home. Old furniture or unnecessary items around your house may need to be rehomed.

Here at Store That, we provide a variety of East London self-storage solutions to ensure your home has the adequate space that’s needed for your furry friend. Our secure self-storage facility in E14 provides a range of units, including drive up units and sea container rentals in London Docklands; with 24-hour security to ensure your belongings are kept safe.

For more information about our East London storage facility and the services we provide, get in touch with our team today on 0207 5151 300.