Fun Facts About Self Storage You Need To Know

Self-storage is often regarded as a dry and boring industry, but just like searching through a storage unit, digging a little deeper can uncover all kinds of intriguing insights. Every booming industry has its history, trivia and even some surprises!

Here at Store That, Canary Wharf, we’re big fans of the storage industry and the history that surrounds it. That’s why we always go the extra mile to keep your unit safe and sound. Here’s five facts about the self-storage industry you need to know.

Booming UK Industry

The UK storage industry is booming. According to the Self-Storage Association (SSA), the UK storage industry in 2017 saw an estimated turnover of £750 million. It certainly seems that where there’s storage, there’s demand for it.

I’m Lovin It

We’re mad about self-storage in East London, but not as much as the USA. In fact, there are currently 48,500 storage centres across the United States. That’s more than Starbucks and McDonalds restaurant locations combined!

Oriental Origins

Self-storage wasn’t a western idea. In fact, it was originally founded in China. Archaeologists have found evidence that suggests publicly available storage was present in ancient China over 6,000 years ago. However, unlike nowadays, where it’s used to store unused furniture, Chinese storage was used to keep food cool and prevent deterioration.

Weird and Wonderful Finds

It’s not just furniture that gets stored away in East London sea containers. In fact, there have been many weird and wonderful discoveries found in storage units; including James Bond’s Submarine car, the first superman comic and all of Burt Reynolds’ memories!

The Capital of Storage

London isn’t just the capital of the UK, it’s the capital of self-storage too! According to the FEDESSA report, 10% of the estimated 75 million square foot of total rentable storage space is located in London.

At Store That, London Docklands, we’re proud to be located in the world’s storage capital. Our storage units in E14 come in a variety of sizes, with 24-hour CCTV to ensure your belongings are kept safe and secure. If you would like more information about our services, please contact our friendly sales team today on 020 7515 1300.