Why Size Matters… For Storage Units

Knowing how much space your belongings will need can be difficult, especially if this is your first time at an East London Storage facility. From students storing away university supplies to couples moving to a new home, Store That offers the right size storage unit for any situation.

The biggest question asked at Store That, London Docklands, is “how much storage do I need”. But before we can tell you which E14 storage space is right for you, we have a few questions to ask in order to get this right:

What Do You Plan on Storing?

This is the first question we always ask our customers. For individuals, who are looking to store small to medium items, our team would recommend choosing our internal units or drive up units in Canary Wharf.

However, for couples or families looking to store away bulky items, such as beds, appliances or exercise equipment, we recommend using a larger drive up unit or sea container rental in E14 to ensure you have enough space for all your belongings.

Will You Be Visiting Your Container?

This is a question that often catches our customers off-guard, but one worth considering. For many customers at Store That, they will only visit their storage space once or twice a year.

For example, backpackers travelling around the world will only want somewhere to store their items so they have no need to worry when they are on their travels; this often means putting everything into the smallest space possible and leaving it there for quite some time. However, for others who plan on regularly visiting their storage container to add and remove items, they’ll want a unit location that is easy to access, with the space to add more when necessary.

Visit Our Facility

Finally, we always ask our customers if they would like a tour of our facility to see our range of East London self-storage units. While we always ensure to list the dimensions on our website, we believe it’s always a good idea for customers to visit our containers so they can visualise how and where their stuff will fit.

When it comes to E14 storage spaces, size really does matter. If you would like more information about our facility get in touch with Store That today on 020 7515 1300.