Confessions of A Shopaholic: How I Store My Items

Who doesn’t love to shop? Whether it’s an outfit for a special occasion or you simply had to have those shoes, getting the items you love the most can cause you to feel a rush; especially at the checkout.

This week the team at Store That, London Docklands, reveal the confessions of a shopaholic and how she stores her items.

Shop Till I Drop

Walking through Harrods, I feel a wave of excitement wash over me as I approach the handbag section of the Store. I practically swoon as I select a small, aqua blue shoulder bag, with an embossed Gucci logo carefully sewn onto the velvet material. I have to have it!

As I approach the till, I place it onto the counter with pride. This wasn’t a planned purchase, but certainly one I’m glad to be making. As she rings up the bag, I feel a rush of excitement as I place my card into the machine; my heart racing as I realise, I’ve just spent £1,330.

Storing Away My Big-Ticket Items

But once I arrive home, the rush is over and I can’t help but feel deflated. I take the Harrods bag upstairs; my bedroom floor is littered with bags full of clothes that I bought in previous weeks and shoes that I’ve worn once; never to wear again. I wander over to the wardrobe, pulling back the door to reveal more bags, in different colours and sizes. I simply couldn’t say no to just one!

Of course, it isn’t always this messy. Normally, I keep my items stored away; like trophies on a shelf. From wardrobes to self-storage in East London, there’s nowhere my treasures aren’t hidden!

East London Storage

While we’re less inclined to feel the rush for shopping, we certainly feel the need for storage in E14! If you too are a self-confessed shopaholic and in need of some storage for your trophy handbags or shoes, why not use our secure self-storage facility in E14?

Here at Store That, Canary Wharf, we specialise in offering storage to those with one too many designer outfits! Our rental units are clean and secure, with 24-hour security to ensure your items are kept safe.

If you would like more information about our units, get in touch with the Store That team today on 020 7515 1300