Store That Talks: Celebrities That Use Storage Units

Us regular folk aren’t the only ones that need an East London storage facility. Despite their sprawling mansions with innumerable storage opportunities, celebrities like to use storage units too. Just like us, celebrities like to collect things, including shoes, cars and even watches.

But some collections are a little stranger than others. With this in mind, here’s three things that Store That, London Docklands, discovered about celebrities and what they could put away in storage units. 

Tom Hanks

Famous for Sleepless in Seattle and Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hank’s collection is certainly sizeable enough for a storage unit. Why? Because he’s the proud owner of 270 typewriters. His collection first began in 1978 when he bought a cheap plastic typewriter that needed fixing. 

After taking it to a repairman, who claimed it was a worthless toy, Tom walked out with a Hermes 2000 and his collection has been growing ever since. While the number fluctuates from time to time, the sizeable collection could definitely make use of a sea container rental.

Rod Stewart

When people think of ‘Rod Stewart’, many people speculate about the type of things he must collect. But the truth is far more astounding, Robert Stewart collects model trains! 

Growing up in London, Rod Stewart was constantly surrounded by trains; with the East Coast Mainline being next to his parents’ shop. When he built his first model train layout, the East Coast Mainline was the first piece of his collection. According to the man himself, his collection is one of the largest in the world; and would likely need something bigger than anEast London storage unit to organise his collection!

George Lucas

If there’s anyone who needs to invest in an E14 storage space, it’s George Lucas. George’s collection is less refined than Hank’s and Stewart’s, with him currently owning over 27,000 books and 17,000 films, photographs, press clippings and other media. 

While we might not have ‘The Force’, that doesn’t mean you should cast away from what we have to offer. Here at Store That, we provide effective storage solutions in London Docklands, with around the clock security to ensure your unit is kept safe and secure. 

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