Store That Talks: National Comic Book Day

On the 25th September we will be celebrating National Comic Book Day, which recognises everything that there is to know and love about the nation’s favourite media format. From Superman to Riverdale, comic books tap into almost every genre and thanks to the silver screen, are now integral to popular culture. 

But there’s more to the multiverse of comics than you may first think. Store That, London Docklands, have compiled three interesting facts from the quirky world of comic books.

 Comic Books & Law

After WWII, comic books became the most popular genre of media, despite the controversy around them depicting revenge, criminals and gore. Psychiatrist Fredric Werhtam, argued they were deteriorating the minds of young readers and even went on to create “crime comics” a campaign against comic books. 

 The Largest Collection of Comic Books

Comic books are extremely popular when it comes to collector’s items. The Library of Congress are famous for having the world’s largest publicly available collection, holding over 100,000 individual comic book issues; including rare titles from Superman, More Fun and Action Comics. If there was ever a need for an E14 storage unitto hold a collection, this certainly would be it!

 Storage Discoveries

Surprising discoveries aren’t uncommon when it comes to comic books. In 2011,Action Comics No.1 – the first Superman comic was discovered by a gentleman that had purchased the contents of a self-storage unit. It turned out that the comic book had been stolen from Nicolas Cage’s home back in 2000 and had been previously valued in 1995 at $1 million!

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