The Health Benefits of Clear Outs

With laundry pilling up and unused items taking up too much space, it’s no surprise that your “to do” list can feel extremely exhausting. According to Psychology today, clutter plays a significant role in the way we feel about our homes. The more mess there is, the more stressed we feel.

 Organising your home and putting unused items into an E14 storage unit is a great way to improve your overall happiness. With this in mind, Store That, Canary Wharf, reveals how clearing out the clutter can improve your health and wellbeing.

 Reduce Stress

Did you know people who described their homes as cluttered were more stressed than those with tidier homes? By taking the time to tackle those laundry piles and chuck out unfavourable furniture, you’re likely to feel much happier and relaxed in your own home.

Happier Relationships

How many times have you argued with your significant other about the dirty laundry? While it may seem like a pointless row, clutter can take a toll on the bond you have with each other. By keeping your home tidy and clean, you can decrease your stress levels and enjoy a (mostly) peaceful relationship.

Healthier Eating

Who else has reached for a chocolate bar after a bad day? What’s surprising, is that people who live and work in clearer spaces are twice as likely to make healthier eating choices. Psychological Scienceclaims that “clutter is stressful for the brain so you're more likely to resort to coping mechanisms such as choosing comfort foods or overeating than if you spend time in neater surroundings”.  

For those looking to make healthier lifestyle choices, ditch the diet and start putting your unused belongings into our East London storage facility! Here at Store That, we have a variety of self-storage units, including sea container rentals and drive up units to ensure your home remains clutter free. 

Store That works to reduce the stress you feel when storing items away. With hands on help and around the clock security, our aim is toassure you that your belongings are safe and secure.

If you would like more information on our self-storage facility in London Docklands, get in touch with our team todayon 020 7515 1300.