Store That’s Guide To Student Halls – What To Expect

It’s finally that time of year when college and sixth form students begin the hunt for their perfect university. When visiting a prospective university, your first thought may be: what’s the Student Union bar like? However, there’s a lot more to a university than just its party scene, you will also need to find out where you’re going to be living and what the rooms are like!

As an undergraduate, this will likely be your first time living away from home. As a result, you will have lots of decisions to make when choosing halls of residence and you might not know what to expect. Here is Store That, London Docklands, guide to student halls and what to expect.

Expect To Make Friends

Living in halls is a great opportunity to meet new people as you will be surrounded by people your own age who are all in the same boat as you. While you might not all have the same interests, living with others means you can create strong friendships with people you might not naturally get along with.

Catered or Non-Catered

If you don’t fancy the idea of cooking for yourself every night, why not check to see if your campus offers a catered option! Unfortunately, this can make your halls of residence a bit pricier, depending on the university. However, you won’t have to fight the nasty hangover to make yourself breakfast every morning.

Check What’s Provided

No two halls of residence are the same! Some universities provide furnished accommodation, while others require you to furnish it yourself. Make sure to check the inventory of what’s included in the flat and what’s not. This way, you and your housemates can be prepared for moving in day.

Size Is Everything

Uni flats are notorious for being small. When it comes to choosing your halls of residence, make sure you choose one that can accommodate you and all of your belongings. However, if you’re unable to fit all your possessions into your uni flat, you can always put them into a secure self-storage facility like Store That.

At Store That, we provide a variety of self-storage options in Canary Wharf for students studying in and around London. Each unit comes with around the clock security to ensure your possessions are kept safe whilst you are studying.

For more information about our East London storage facility, call our expert team on 020 7515 1300 or contact us via our website today