The Perfect Storage Solution for a Secret Hoarder

Hoarding is a persistent behaviour that involves collecting possessions and keeping them all for an extensive amount of time. A service such as Store That self storage East London, may be the perfect solution to a hoarder’s nightmare of running out of space. People love to hoard items for several different reasons, including feeling as though the possession will be useful in the future, when in actual fact, it most probably won’t be. Someone who is known as a hoarder may also be indecisive on where to put things and feel anxiety when trying to throw items away.

The 3 weirdest things people have hoarded

In a recent article, it was found that someone had hoarded over 5,000 books and created the world’s smallest library, which included books that were over 100 years old. But it doesn’t stop there! Another study found that a 42-year-old had hoarded more than 5,000 rubber ducks, which all started when friends began giving them as gifts. The younger generation take part in secret hoarding activities too, as it was revealed recently that a young boy had collected over 6,000 barbie dolls since the age of 13.

So what solution can we provide for those that love to hoard?

The answer for hoarders that simply no longer have the space, is to invest into a storage unit where you can package and keep your belongings in a secure space. For all your hoarding needs, Store That self-storage Canary Wharf provide an efficient service for keeping your possessions safe. Whether you need office storage in London or ground floor space in London, there is something to suit all needs. Our secure storage E14 can accommodate your request no matter the scale of the situation. We recently craned off a 10 Ton industrial boiler about 20ft long for a company who was to fit it locally!

Why Store That E14?

It goes without saying that the range offered by Store That is vast. We also provide sea containers to rent up to 155 square foot and indoor storage containers in Canary Wharf up to 100 square foot. Our self-storage E14 also has 24-hour on-site security so you will know that your possessions will be kept protected. If you are a hoarder and need to keep your most treasured possessions stored away, then this is the right company for you.

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