London Living: How to Live in Small Spaces

Some people make the decision to live in small London flats because it fits their lifestyle. For others, a smaller living space wasn’t their intention but became a reality due to major life changes, like having a baby or working from home. Whatever your circumstance may be, making your home space work for you, no matter how small It is, is extremely important.

Here at Store That, London Docklands, we’re experts in storage and how to make use of a small space. With this in mind, here are three tips on how to make the most of your small, London home.

Double Up with Bunk Beds

Living in a small space can be a challenge, especially if you have children to cater for too. The most common issue with small homes is the lack of bedrooms for everyone, so many children end up sharing with their siblings. The best way to save space in a shared room is to use bunk beds.

Embrace Small Furniture

Large furniture in small spaces can leave your home feeling overwhelmed and cluttered. By swapping out larger pieces for smaller kitchen tables, desks and more, you will maximise the space; while still making your flat feel like a home. Any furniture that feels too big for your home, but isn’t ready for the bin can easily be put into a storage unit in E14.

Maximise Corners

Maximising the corners of your rooms is another secret to having a small yet spacious home. By placing tables or desks in the corners of your apartment, it will allow the rest of the room to feel more open. You can also double up with shelving as a decorative and stylish storage hack.

Organise Your Storage Spaces

When living in a small space, making the most out of your storage space is essential. Investing in self-storage such as bins, baskets and boxes will allow your cupboards and shelves to look more organised and help to make finding what you need easier too.

Organising your home can be difficult, especially with piles of clutter lying around that you’re not quite ready to get rid of. Here at Store that, Isle of Dogs, we provide a variety of storage options including sea container rentals and drive up units in Canary Wharf to ensure you have enough space to store away your items. For more information about our storage options, get in touch today on 020 7515 1300.