How To Keep Your Home Safe Whilst Abroad?

It’s not long now until holiday season; where thousands of Brits will be leaving their homes behind and jetting off to destinations around the world. However, when people go away, one major concern is the security of their home and their possessions, and rightly so. Last year, over 816,000 homes were burgled while owners were abroad.

At Store That, London Docklands, we believe it is vital that you take appropriate measures to keep your home safe and secure. Here’s our top tips for keeping your home safe while you’re abroad.

Lock Your Doors & Windows

It might seem obvious, but the simplest measure to take in securing your home is to remember to lock all doors and windows. Backdoors and windows are prime entry points for potential burglars to enter the property. Double-check each door before leaving to go on holiday. Other steps might include putting a padlock on your back gate or shed door to prevent break ins.

Don’t Post It On Social Media

We’ve all done it, but posting about your upcoming holiday plans will only attract unwanted attention to your vacant house. Remember, your social media can be accessed by anyone and can put your home at risk. Instead, post about your holiday once you’ve returned from your trip!

Pack Up Your Valuables

If you’re paranoid about your valuables being left at home while you’re away, you can always remove them from the house entirely. By putting your valuables in a secure self-storage unit, you will have peace of mind knowing that your valuables will be kept safe from any potential break in. At Store That, our storage units in E14 are available on a short-term basis to provide an ideal solution to storing your valuables.

However, if you’re going away for a longer period, you might also want to store some of your furniture too. Store That also provides a wide range of storage units to suit your budget and needs including drive up units in Canary Wharf and sea container rentals in London Docklands. We provide 24-hour CCTV with round the clock security to ensure your items are kept safe and sound.

For more information about our secure storage facilities, get in touch with our team today on 0207 5151 300.