Creative Ways to Store & Hide Your “Secret” Toys

Here at Store That, London Docklands, we understand that there isn’t a lot of buzz around storage. But if you have kids or a nosey roommate, then you’ll want to prevent them from finding your private belongings. With almost three million people in the UK admitting to owning an intimate toy, it’s no wonder so many people are looking for ways to store them away.

Here’s four creative ways to store your intimate items out of sight, but not out of mind!

Single Drawer

Let’s be honest, we all have that drawer in our bedside table full of things we’d rather not let other people see. If you don’t have a tonne of bedroom playthings, then a single drawer right next to your bed will work just fine. If keeping prying eyes out is a concern, consider investing in a lock.

Under-The-Bed Storage

If you’re working with a more sizable collection, you might consider investing in some under the bed storage. Opaque boxes are great for accessibility and discretion. If you want to keep your toys organised, consider using dividers to keep each type of toy stored separately.Drawer Units

Keeping your intimate items out of sight doesn’t mean putting them in a wacky place that even you might forget. While it may not have you buzzing with excitement, drawer units are a great way to store and hide your adult belongings. Made of plastic, these drawers are simple to clean and the multiple drawers allows you to easily organise your toys; lingerie in one, “electricals” in the other!

Storage Unit in E14

It may be that you are looking to start an online toy store and need a cost effective way to store the vast amount of stock you will have to sell. Did you know that one of the UK’s biggest online adult toy companies, Love Honey, started as a couple of friends, £6000 and a self-storage unit similar to those that we have at Store That, London Docklands? Storage containers are a great way to store your stock if you are a start-up ecommerce.

Here at Store That, East London Storage Facility, we provide a variety of storage units, including sea container rental in London Docklands and drive up units in E14, to ensure your belongings, whatever they may be, are kept safe and secure. Batteries not included!

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