4 Things We Can Learn from Tidying Up with Marie Kondon

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondon by now where have you been? The latest Netflix sensation, ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’, see’s world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo help clients clear out the clutter and choose joy.

Whether you want to jump on the minimalism trend or simply need some early spring cleaning inspiration, here’s 5 lessons that the Store That, London Docklands team learned from ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondon’.

Belongings Should Spark Joy

Have you ever looked around your home and groaned at the unsightly amount of clutter? Marie Kondon’s method is all about creating a positive home by only keeping items that make us feel happy. When you’re considering throwing out your clothes, try holding it to see if it triggers a feeling of joy. If it does, put it back in your wardrobe or into a self-storage unit ready for a more suitable season. If it doesn’t, give it the boot!

Clothes Have Feelings

This might sound silly, but hear us out. It can be helpful to treat your clothes as if they have feelings. In the KonMari method, she shows us how to acknowledge clothes for their service by verbally thanking them before tossing them away. Next time you’re on a clothing cull, try saying thank you before adding it to the ‘throw’ pile and see how you feel.

Piling Things Up Is Overwhelming – But Necessary

You never really know just how much you own until it’s piled up in front of you. While it might seem counterintuitive to create a big pile of mess, the Marie Kondon approach teaches us that seeing just how much we own can help us to get into a ruthless decluttering mindset.

It’s Not Always The Physical Stuff We’re Holding Onto

We often hold onto a lot of things that we place emotional value on. If you’re finding it hard to say goodbye to something you don’t need or use, why not try the KonMari approach. If the item sparks a positive emotion, it’s perfectly fine to hold onto. If not, it might be time to let go of the item in order to move forward and maintain a happy home.

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