National Swap Ideas Day: September 10th

Now, you guys may not know, but September the 10th isn’t just any old plain day. September 10th is in fact National Swap Ideas Day. In light of this event the team at Store That have collected a confection of storage ideas that may change your storage convenience forever. No need to thank us, we’d love for you to comment your ideas and advice for our team too! After all, it’s all about the exchange of ideas. Without further or do, here is our treasurable tips in how to store effectively:

  1. Organisation

Nobody likes to open a cupboard to find a clutter of mess. We’re not saying go full on OCD, but stand a few items up, group a few things together. If you do so, you may even find that you can store even more objects! Now it’s another task to actually KEEP your cupboard/shelf tidy, but do it as you go. You’ll see the little daily benefits, trust us!

  1. Invest in some crates

They may not look pretty, storage crates, but it’s worth it if you can shove them under the spare bedroom bed! Everybody has household belongings that they turn a blind eye to, we always say ‘oh we’ll find use for it one day’ and leave it in an inconvenient place for ages. But what if you took a moment out to store it in a tidy place? We at Store That can provide just the storage crates you need, along with a secure unit to pair it with!

  1. Spring clean… When it’s not even spring!

Yes, that’s right, it’s time to de-clutter. And don’t just do it once in a while, do it at least every 2 months. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find! Without a doubt, you’ll find items that you may need in the future once again; this is where we can help. One of our storage solutions can guarantee to be what you are looking for!


So what are your ideas? We’re all ears, so pop your comment below today or contact us. If you are interested further in our storage solutions, visit our main site at