Halloween, a Spooky Storage Story

Now Halloween may seem quite far away, but before you know it, children will be knocking at your door begging for sweets once again. If you’re planning something special this Halloween, then your attic doesn’t have to be the answer for storing your items afterward. We at Store That are by far the best storage solution for you, ranging from size, price and type to perfectly suit your needs. So, maybe you’re planning a super duper spooky Halloween party? We know the drill: bobbing apples, Jack- O Lanterns and costumes galore. But then comes the chore of tidying up and shoving all of your ghostly gear into a corner for another year. But don’t you worry- like we’ve mentioned before, there’s another alternative. Store your devil tritons, your witch hats and your false cobweb décor with us. You can rest easy in your bed that you’re not going to get any terrifying storage nightmares!

What do we offer, I hear you ask? Well, we at Store That would make a personal recommendation to take a look at our self-storage units, complete with 24hr CCTV on the look-out. Sizes of our self-storage units range from 25 square foot to 150 square foot (you never know how big parties can get!)

Are you worrying that your belongings may be damaged? Not a problem, our range of thorough packaging options could be your solution. Take a further look at the variety which includes:

  • Large boxes
  • Medium boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Polythene covers
  • Specialist cartons
  • Padlocks
  • Storage crates
  • Tape
  • And plenty more including scissors and penknives

So are you ready to have a great Halloween without the storage horror stories? Then contact us today to chat with one of our friendly team members on 020 7515 1300. Or maybe you’d prefer to email us at info@storethat.co.uk. We’d be glad to assist you with any queries you possess!