The Winter De-Clutter

I recently made it my mission to have a clear-out ready for winter and the boxes that would no doubt arrive when the family wined and dined during the Christmas period. Despite my efforts to categorise my belongings by throwing out everything I didn’t need and using wardrobe or attic storage space as storage, it was to no avail. The amount of objects I acquired since my clear out in spring have been astronomical and although I do not need all of it, I know that many items contain precious memories which would be a great loss to me if I was to depart with them. RIBA (The Royal Institution of British Architects) has found that the size of a typical new terraced house has fallen from over 1,000 square feet in the 1920s to just 645 square feet today and due to a rising consumer culture we have even more belongings than ever. Although many people have started to take on the trendy ‘minimalist’ approach it is difficult to be compact with a growing family, a busy life and a tiny house near the London Docklands.

Store That has the belief that storage is about the choice to preserve and protect memories, belongings and holiday items ready for a day when you will need them. We specialise in personal customer service and are dedicated in finding you a perfect solution for your storage, be it a drive-up, a sea container hire or a ground floor unit rental. But it isn’t just about smaller 20 square foot units at out Isle of Dogs self storage centre, as you can see we have spaces of up to 145 square foot available to securely store your items be it short or long term storage.

So please do not hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at Store that to discuss how we can find the solution to your storage problems.