Having a Leg-Up on the Next Phase of Your Life Journey

I’m bored of the autumnal season already! I hate the rain, I detest being too hot, then too cold, then too hot again, but worst of all, I absolutely despise kicking off my shoes at night after a tedious commute home in a cramped house which is full to the brim with ‘stuff’ which desperately needs to be put into self-storage. I simply don’t know what to do with myself!So I sat down last night with a cuppa, the cosiest jumper I could find and my trusty notebook to formulate a plan to get rid of all of this stuff before the family comes around and fills up my house so high the roof starts to crumble! I decided then and there now is the time to clear out, so I started to throw stuff into black bags, put together a pile for charity and finally put all of my treasures into boxes to put into self-storage, tonight I can’t wait to get through my front door and witness the transformation! Are you having a clear out? Are you redecorating? Are you down-sizing? Well planning is key to a smooth transition to the new leg of your journey and so we have put our heads together at Store That and come up with some top-tips for moving heavy and light, delicate and bulky, and soft and sharp household objects. • Like my evening it should all start with a list! Think about what you wish to keep, chuck, donate and store, beyond this it makes it much easier to prioritise what to get rid of, why and when you’ll find the time to actually donate it or put it into secure self-storage and also provides clear focus. I personally love tick-box lists – they are excellent when you are struggling to do something as every time you complete a task you can tick it off and actually see the progress you are making. • Now you know what you are storing it’s time to work out packaging requirements. Do you need boxes? What size and shape should they be? Will you need bubble wrap and duct tape? If your answer to all of this is yes then why not give us a quick call? We have specialist packaging and handling experts who will be able to help you but also the resources available for a cheap price. • Now you have boxes and a rough idea of what you wish to store it’s easiest to categorise boxes. If you’re moving house it may be easiest to do this by room, if you are having a de-clutter like me it may be best to categorise them by what they are e.g. ornaments, photographs, etc. If you’re using Store That on a short-term basis because you are moving house then why not save time by categorising your belongings and staying organised from stage one? • Finally, think before you pack. Try to fill your moving boxes so that they aren’t overfull or too heavy otherwise you will face issues as you try to lift boxes because they will rip and you may hurt yourself trying to carry them! Should you be redecorating, moving home or simply needing somewhere to store your furniture and belongings on either a short or long term self-storage contract, please contact our friendly team at Store That now!