3 Reasons why Self-Storage is just like Chocolate

This week it is ‘national chocolate week’, Hurray! Which means that you and I both have the excuse to stuff our faces without judgement or consequence… but that did get me thinking. Every week I love to write a blog, and to break up the more factual pieces about what we can do and how we can help, it makes sense to write about the quirky stuff too; stuff I would want to read. So here it is, three reasons why chocolate is like self-storage:1) ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get’ - and the same is with storage. Before you have a clear-out you have no idea what you’ll find. Will it be memories, or photos? A cuddly toy or old clothes? What will they say about the years passed? The ever famous Forrest Gump quote can also be applied to the sense that just like when you open up a box of chocolates you will not know what lies ahead, and the same goes when you ask about self-storage. The size and price of our units may surprise you. 2) Self-storage is like chocolate because it is needed by many and rejected by few. Self-storage is not a new concept and many use it as houses continue to become more compact. However, we still have a ‘I must have this’ and ‘I must have that’ mentality which means that on average we live with 30% less space than we used to! 3) Lastly self-storage is similar to chocolate because there are many different types of tastes which people take personal precedence too – just like self-storage. If you are part of the ‘dairy milk ‘of the chocolate world then perhaps you need a container in a vast maze of our storage units. If you would like to invest some time and money into a more bespoke self-storage service and take a bite out of something sweet then why not come and see us today? We offer a storage service as unique as Willy Wonka and yet have a range as silky as Galaxy. We can offer drive-ups, sea-containers and units whilst making it our optimal aim to know all of our customers by name to offer the best and most personal service we can. To discover more about how sweet we can be and how we can save you from a cluttered house then pop down and see us!