Clear your Space with Store That

So you’ve done the hard yards, taken everything you want to put into storage, categorised it, packed it safely away and finally stored it in one of our containers. The question is, what will your shed, garage, cupboard, spare room or even guest room transform itself into? Here are four ideas do you get you inspired in time for the New Year!

1)     The inside garden or ‘Zen room’: If you are in need of escape from the daily stress and trials of life, love plants or love to curl up with a book then why not invest in some plants, a cheapie sofa or chairs and bean bags to create a relaxing space. The best thing about plants is that a white base will bring out their beautiful colours and the room can be as crowded (or not) as you want and can take as much or as little maintenance as you wish.

2)     If you have cleared your spare room or garage and don’t need the space for anything in particular why not transform the space into a games room for the kids, or even you with a bar top? This is more of an expensive option but one that could be a very nice way to spend some savings and may be just the area you need for your New Year’s party in 2015! It could also be a wonderful way to re-vamp your now cleared basement now your stuff is safe at Store That.

3)     Are you a dab hand at art? Do you love arts and crafts? Any room can be an inspiration for you, you just need the space which you thankfully now have! Make sure the room is warm and there is plenty of shelving for your materials, you will also need good light, be it a desk lamp or natural light to work in and of course a wide and smooth surface to work on. If you love to be creative you could even paint the walls or stick up pictures of what inspires you!

4)     An office, this could be as plain-Jane or outlandish as you wish but should be a nice, clear space to work, it has been proven that cramped and over-filled spaces reduce productivity as it makes your eyes tired and can affect how quickly people work!


If you still haven’t cleared a great little space then call us today!