Christmas Storage Tips from the Experts

Christmas is a month away and counting and although I imagine all you can think about is wrestling through stores packed to the brim with people fighting to get Great Aunt Glenys her special soap set whilst thinking of 600 other lists in your head including food, and space, don’t get me started on space, how on earth are we going to fit the family into the dining room?

However, if you are anything like me you will also turn your attention to the inevitable clean-up which happens after Christmas. How will you fit your decorations away? The loft is already brimming with baby-clothes, cots and other precious items of sentiment which you no longer need.

As a connoisseur of everything neat and tidy I have compiled a little, yet easy list of ways to tidy up this decorations and keep your house spick and span during the holiday:

1) Use old cardboard boxes, cut them up into fairly wide strips and wrap your Christmas lights, beads and tinsel around them to avoid tangles and breakages.

2) Call Store That and ask us about our storage space, what can we offer you? We know our sight is secure, clean and friendly – the perfect place to store all of your children’s clothes and items of sentiment but which are no longer in use anymore. 3) Use boxes to store your wreaths in or keep the original packaging to pull them out year, after year in tip-top condition. If you are in need of bubble wrap, boxes or other packaging good then let us know as we can provide these for you for a very cheap cost. 4) Christmas cards can bend, break or worst of all, topple over consistently. I love cards but understand it can be a pain to display them. Consider running string up the banisters of your stairs and attaching them with wooden or festive coloured pegs, or even applying the same method but pulling string from one end of your room to another or along a wall, underneath window ledges or even under mantelpieces. This also works great in an office and creates a friendly, festive atmosphere! Once these cards have been used box them up and pop them into your storage unit at Store That.

4) Once again we turn to our friend, cardboard.  baubles, hanging tree decorations and little wooden figures or porcelain Santa's can break easily, pop down to Store That for some cheap-as-chips bubble-wrap and boxes, then make layers, use the image above to crates dividers, wrap up anything delicate precious in bubble wrap then place them in the gaps. If the box is tall to can probably afford to lay a base of cardboard over the top and then repeat until the box is full. Remember however that the heaviest items should always go at the bottom!

To learn about our ideal Christmas storage then pop down for a cuppa!