Keep your house clear for the New Year

‘A cluttered house means a cluttered mind’ is a phrase that often sums up the feelings of a homeowner after the festive period. The accumulation of clutter that can develop is enough to break anyone’s Christmas spirit… and if that doesn’t then the crowded and cramped living room full of festive family members certainly will when you realise there is such a minimal amount of space filled with treasure that you don’t use every day! So, what do you do when you have plenty of jumpers but Gran bought you 3 more this year or perhaps Christmas day saw your DVD collection gain 6 more additions? You don’t always want to part with the old to make way for the new.

So for some, as December comes to an end, sifting through mountains of bags and boxes as you head to the loft to put the Christmas Decks away is a resonant reminder of an inevitable clear out.

But if you can’t bear to bin the stuff stashed way in the depths of your loft, then we have the perfect resolution to your problem this New Year!

Store That offer secure, high spec self-storage units to ensure the safe keeping of your possessions. With our convenient location and opening hours, feel free to bag up your belongings and drop them down to us anytime!

Whether it’s just for a few months or maybe till next Christmas, we’ll keep the clutter so you don’t have to and offer you short or long term storage contracts specific to your needs

We have a friendly reliable team here on site and a USP priding ourselves in customer service so are always more than willing to help, for long term, new, commercial or residential customers alike! You are all important to us and you can be assured your stuff will be safe at Store That.

We have everything you need on site to make loading and unloading your stuff as simple as possible along with padlocks, bubble wrap, cartons, tape and padding to protect and cover your items.

Store That offer an alternative to just binning bags of your belongings, we understand that a lot of stuff is stored and not disposed of due to its sentimental value, but at least this way it can truly be out of sight and a load of your mind.

Start your New Year in the right way, make our storage solutions your resolution in 2015!