December at Store That

It can be a struggle to write blogs about self-storage which still remain topical and interesting to read whilst actually being informative, so this morning I can up with a bright idea, what happened in December 2011 in history? Is any of it relative to self-storage? Perhaps, perhaps not. Of course the death of Leslie Comrie, a New Zealand Astronomer in the 1950’s isn’t exactly self-storage material but it leads me to my next point, which is that; when was self-storage invented? If not on this day, which day? And how has it advanced to the streamlined and advanced service we have on offer here today?

There is historical evidence of shared and publicly available self-storage from artefacts found in China which are thought to be from the ancient period. Modern self-storage (where a tenant can exclusively rent a space) was established in 1958 in Florida and was founded by the Collum family.

Over the next forty years and especially through the 90’s whereby demand far outpaced supply and this led for a flush of self-storage developments across the world. From the years 2000-2005 over 3,000 new facilities were opened in America alone.

As houses grow smaller and a minimalistic approach has been taken in terms of house content, due to decline in space and our desire for inanimate objects becoming more and more eminent, many people flock to self-storage facilities both in commercial and domestic properties as it is an easy way to keep hold of those things you need and love but do not necessarily need in your house or office at one exact moment in time.

Store That are more than happy to help you, whether you are down-sizing, need somewhere to store items after a bereavement, having a clear-out or need temporary storage for any mishmash of reasons. We are empathetic to your needs and offer the most value for your money. We are exclusively the only self-storage facility in the E14 sector on London and have a good reputation for being friendly, secure and helpful.

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