De-Cluttering Space with Temporary Storage

When you move in with your partner at first it’s all fun and games. Both of you grow giddy with excitement as you picture spending evenings with that one person that makes you smile more than anyone else in the world. Pretty soon though, it can turn nasty. I’m not just talking fights; I’m talking fights about that dreaded word ‘clutter’. According to a recent survey, half of British couples admit they regularly argue over clutter in their home, with one in ten couples arguing a week in London alone. These arguments due to a shortage of space and an acquirement of double the stuff you used to own are obviously common in this climate and also create unnecessary negative vibes, which can lead to a typical couple throwing away roughly £240 worth of their belongings or donating them to charity which they wanted to keep anyway!

42% of clothes, 36% of furniture and 33% of books are put into new homes to stop the bickering! Psychologists admit that having cluttered spaces is not good for the mind; it makes you tired and can create strain for you, which in turn affects your loved one.

Consider how much easier it would be to box up these items until you move into a bigger space with more practical temporary storage. It would definitely save the resent and petty arguments.

Ladies, consider having winter clothes in your wardrobe and boxing up your summer ones, then swapping as the seasons change! Men, do you really need 476 Xbox games, a Nintendo from your childhood and a massive assortment of books all in one place at once? No? Didn’t think so.

The beauty of temporary self-storage is that you can access it freely whenever you need or wish to acquire/swap goods around!

It is also often shown that the more dominant member of the relationship ends up with more stuff and space which can cause issues – you both need to be fair, consider storing an equal amount of boxes each, unless of course one of you really does have an extortionate amount of belongings!

To avoid becoming one of those sneaky couples in the 12% range who ‘accidentally’ break partners items so they can chuck them in the bin, and to stop the arguments once and for all come and talk to a friendly member of staff at Store That today!