Back to the Grind… Clear Out Time, Self-Storage E14!

There have been studies across the world debating the psychology behind clean and messy desks and office spaces, how does it affect productivity? Does it affect productivity? While some experts argue that messy desks make your brain more creative other experts say that it can make office workers fell overwhelmed and unorganised which obviously has a negative effect on their work. Whatever you believe sometimes enough is simply enough and therefore Store That has complied a short list as to why it is important you have that clear out once and for all (new year, new you and all that) and find a safe, secure self-storage facility in the E14 sector .

1)     Put in the overspill from their offices: if you have spare furniture, boxes full of paper, an old expresso machine, ancient PC’s or other items which are cluttering up the space and making the office look messy then we are the perfect place to store this overspill. It takes time to clean, pack away and put these things into boxes and we understand that, but remember, even if you like the clutter your employees and clients may not. I have always been told dress how you should act, if I am going to work I dress smart. It is the same concept with your space, if it is messy and unorganised then generally work reflects this.

2)     Create a safer work space: having boxes laying around, parts of that old flat packed desk which was taken apart and never found a home or other items which you don’t need right in front of you at every waking moment can mean doing the ‘lava walk’ to your desk every morning, by which I mean you tread on the parts of the floor available as if they are stepping stones, ever so gracefully dodge the nail sticking out of that desk on its side and finally trip over your shoe lace before sitting down in the ‘safety zone’. Of course this is an exaggeration but is still an issue and just think what you could do with all that lovely space. Break-out area? Little Kitchenette? Anything you so wish!

3)     Have their items available nearby in case of need: Canary Wharf is a dense area full of businesses with items to store, the issue being what if they suddenly need a desk? Or a box with overspill in? It is tricky to find somewhere cost effective and close to home to store things where you can just pop in for a quick chat, grab your stuff then be on your way! Luckily Store That understand this and are waiting for customers like you!

To find out more about self-storage in E14 call: 020 7515 1300 or contact us here!