Space is Luxury – Why not use it properly?

It has been mentioned before that space is scarce. If you’ve had a clear out, however, and there still isn’t enough room for you to cope, then why not look at some of the tips the team has put together?1) Crate Space: Crates and other storage boxes are an excellent way to ‘make’ space where there’s barely any. One can be stacked on top of another, turned on their sides to create little shelves or even put under beds or on top of wardrobes or cupboards.

2) Stairway Storage: This idea is a little Harry Potter-esque but we love it anyway! Have you considered building a book shelf up the side of your stairs? It will create space for trinkets, books, even crates if need be, which in turn will free more space in your living room and bedrooms – those empty shelves can now be used for clothing or other items of fancy. You could even consider turning your under-the-stair space into a small office.

3) Under the floor storage: People consider storing things under the bed, and even above their head! But have you ever considered storing items under the floor? If you have a little house, but high ceilings then add a raised platform for extra space. Add pull out drawers or simply store boxes underneath the floor if you so wish! The options are endless.

4) Boiling Cupboard storage: Of course you cannot store perishable goods in there or items that get damaged when they are above certain temperatures, but consider rolling sheets instead of folding them for extra space and then putting your spring/summer clothes in to keep them dry, warm and away from dust whilst freeing space in your everyday wardrobe!

5) Re-using jam jars: Jam jars are seen around our homes every day then thrown away or recycled, consider keeping them for longer and using them to store beads, nails and other little items that you find to keep organised but which you need to have around. Some people even superglue the lids to the underside of counter-tops and then screw the jars in, ready for action whenever they are needed.

TIP: If you have not worn or used something in over two years chances are you will never need it again, so consider donating it to charity or placing it in self-storage with us. We are in the E14 sector of London and are the convenient place for you to store if you live in and around the Canary Wharf area. We look forward to hearing from you!

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