Five Massive “Don’ts” from our Self Storage Experts in Canary Wharf

We often talk about our services and the best way to look after your things, or all of the “dos” when you are placing your items in self-storage in Canary Wharf, but we rarely touch on the things you should never do if you want to keep your items in the best condition possible! 1)     Failing to insure items: Many self-storage places will not allow you to store with them unless you take out insurance with that company, however, if you are ever storing with a company with no insurance policy for your items make sure they have an insurance policy! If your items are worth storing, then they are worth insuring!

2)     Using old newspapers to wrap items: There have been so many occasions upon where friends and family have wrapped items of value in newspaper to prevent breakages. Whilst this seems like a great idea initially, it soon becomes clear that it is not. Most newspapers have ink which smudges very easily and this can dirty or even stain the items you worked so hard to keep intact.

3)     Storing food: No, no, and once more, no! This is obvious to most people, but no food should ever be stored in self-storage facilities, even if they appear to be non-perishables such as beans or muesli bars. This is because it can attract pests and make your unit smell. Many self-storage facilities will not allow food at all, and if items of yours get damaged then your insurance can be void.

4)     Running out of time: Moving or clearing out items can be very stressful and it is easy to run out of time. Planning is essential and can prevent timing issues as well as making the whole process much, much smoother.

5)     Not labelling boxes: When boxes are not labelled it can be almost impossible to try and find what you are looking for. To avoid this frustration label boxes clearly as you pack so that everything is in the best order it can be for when you are ready to move out of your unit, or simply find that one special item you need.

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