6 Top Tips for Everything Storage

Here at Store That, we value our customers and what is best them and the items they are storing. So here are our six top tips for everything storage. It’s important to stay organised before, during and after your move. That’s why you should keep a permanent marker handy for labelling and keep an inventory. Label the boxes on more than one side so you can see what's what quickly. Mark 'Fragile' on any containers containing breakable items.

  1. Wrap all delicate items such as dishes, glasses, ornaments, mirrors, picture frames etc separately. Pack these pieces tightly into strong or reinforced boxes, filling any gaps with paper or filler (bubble wrap is a good investment). Try to avoid putting heavy items on top of fragile ones.
  2. Pack books flat to avoid damaging their spines. Dodge filling an entire box full of dense novels. It makes the packaging too heavy for most people to lift. You can use materials such as paper or towels or can buy special stuffing to fill spaces if necessary. Stacking boxes on top of each other and the lower levels need to be sturdy enough to take the strain. Boxes that are only partly filled may tip over or collapse. If you do pack heavy items in a large box put in just a few and then fill the box up with lighter items.
  3. Large appliances need care before placing; make sure you defrost fridges and freezers thoroughly before storing them otherwise you'll be leaving yourself open to water damage. Tie doors up for the move, although you should leave them slightly ajar once in storage to stop condensation forming and help ward off bad odours. Drain washing machines and tie down hoses etc.
  4. aaa4b6bb9a5ba5470be34d216ef4f27cIf you're storing upholstered products such as mattresses and sofas, it would be a good idea to invest in covers, bags or sheeting to give them some additional protection. Stand sofas and mattresses on end wherever possible to save space and don't stack too much on top of soft furnishings.
  5. If you can, dismantle furniture such as bed frames and tables, but make sure you keep hold of all the bits so you can get it all back together again! Wrap and cover furniture sections and keep them together, clearly marked, for quick retrieval. You can put components such as screws and bolts together in a plastic bag, mark them clearly and tape to the relevant piece of furniture.