Spring Cleaning with Store That

Spring has become well known as a time for re-organising at home by de-cluttering and having a thorough dust and clean. This could be due to the association of new life and fresh starts in Spring, or more likely the warmer weather means winter wardrobes are packed away and the gardening tools can re-appear! So, grab your feather dusters and your bin bags because we have some top tips for effective spring-cleaning this season.

  • Don’t drag it out! - If you can spare a weekend to tackle the whole house in one hit, this is ideal as you’ll be more focused and as a result will get it all done far more quickly. Stretched over a matter of weeks, you’ll end up clearing out each drawer late in the evening after a long day at work and not being as efficient.
  • All hands on deck - Rope the rest of the family in to offer some helping hands if you can persuade them! Assign each person to a room in the house and that way clutter can be contained and you won’t find yourself making more of a mess as you go. See it more as a challenge or competition and a bit of fun and the cleaning will soon get done!
  • Get sorted – Organise your clothes into bags. We recommend one for the bin: be brutal, if you haven’t used it or worn it in 3 months, chuck it!
  • One for donations: Just because you have no use for it anymore, someone else might! Giving your old stuff a chance for a second life and it all goes to a good cause.
  • Store it safely: Got any childhood toys or clothes you just can’t bear to part with or perhaps the ski gear that won’t fit in the loft? This is where Store That step in…
  • We provide the latest spec, high quality self-storage units right near Canary Wharf. We have units to suit your every need, ranging from 20-150 square foot in size. With forklifts, loading ramps and qualified handling staff on site, we offer everything you need to make storing with us completely hassle free. Whether you stock your property for a matter of weeks or months, we’ll have the storage contract that’s ideal and at the most reasonable price.

    We are open 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday and are always happy to help. Pop in by appointment if need be, we love to offer a helpful and personal touch when it comes to your self-storage this spring!