Using Store That E14 to Think outside the Box

We offer self-storage services to many people, and according to experts, there is a trend in what people like to stow away. Music is universally loved but in a world of instant downloads, video streaming and internet frenzy Vinyl’s, Video tapes, DVD’s and CD’s have been forgotten, after all, why hold on to 100’s of CD’s when you could cram 1000’s of songs on to a device which fits in your hand and take selfies of yourself listening to music while you’re at it? According to other self-storage facilities it seems that Split Enz were wrong and in fact history does repeat due to the popularity of having record players and collecting vinyl’s being increased dramatically for the first time in roughly 18 years! People are embracing the old, the almost-forgotten and the DIY spirit that once availed. A love of everything ‘vintage’ is being taken to a whole new level by many people who have started to adore the romanticism which comes with having a record player softly serenading you whilst you natter to people pulling out all of those memories you tucked into those boxes along with your generous record collection.

Problem being, houses have gotten smaller and finding space for the large collection of vinyl you may have acquired over the last year or have dragged out of your parents attic is going to be an issue, and that’s amongst other vintage items which have recently got popular such as video tapes, old game boy disks and other stuff which you have miraculously cleared out of your parents garage after all these years.

So where are you going to put it all? We can offer self-storage services which ensure that all of your items will kept safe, dry and protected from the tip, amongst general wear and tear as you try to cram everything into your studio apartment or house as your own family now grows rapidly year by year.

Our low cost self-storage is part of a working factory and offers drive-up units, sea-container units and indoor units which come in almost any size from 25-150sqft. Give us a call if you’re stuck for space and we can help you out with some packaging as well as our excellent and secure self-storage.