Store That E14 Talks Kids Possessions

Store That offer secure self-storage in E14, they come across many different clients and among those are parents of children, or their young adults who are preparing to fly the nest. According to studies, parents throw out roughly £285 worth of possessions when a child grows up and leaves the family home. The items that are most commonly left behind include books (64%), clothes (60%), sentimental items and trinkets (60%) and school memorabilia (56%). Often when kids move to university they can’t take larger items either so families are stuck housing bulky belongings too such as sports equipment (27%), furniture (27%) and bikes (21%).

Of course, no parent wants to part with their child’s memories, but when space is tight for both you and your child it can create a sticky situation. To eliminate this situation requires compromise, but maybe not in the way you think. Instead of trying to work out what is suitable to keep and chuck, bin the rubbish, pack the necessities then rent a low cost self-storage container. Who’s to say you won’t need your bike in a year or two? Or a bed when you move into your first home after university?

Many parents have been dreaming of what to do with their child’s room for a long time, which why although parting with items may be hard, one in twelve parents leave it just one week before clearing out, whilst most parents wait and average of six months before they get to work making the space into a little slice of heaven.

Can you imagine having several rows a week with your parents about items you left at home? Well Store That, with self-storage in E14 has witnessed it first-hand.

We aim to please everybody so not only do we have units; we also have sea-container rental in E14, as well as drive-up units, which are raised, secure and dry - perfect for everyone’s needs.

We offer secure-self storage in E14 which is protected by 24/7 CCTV cameras and manned guarding. For the perfect solution to the boomerang generation and ease of mind from both ends contact us!