Self-Storage Canary Wharf: The Baby Boom

People come to use our sea-container rental in Canary Wharf for different reasons. Recently it seems that many people are expecting a little bundle of joy to arrive at their footsteps and this usually means even less space! Forget just needing somewhere quiet and warm to place a cot, you need room for toys, nappies, extra food, clothes, enough wipes for an army and changing space… and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg!Once you have cleaned out everything you can, and taken some of it down to Store That so we can look after it for you, you can start preparing for the baby.

1) Create space for your baby, I don’t necessarily mean clearing out at this point. It is important to consider that your baby will need somewhere quiet and warm as a base to give both you and your child the best chance of getting along swimmingly at the bonding period. Make sure the room your baby is in is clear and light. Make the walls a soft colour if possible and take out anything that could be hazardous. If you have wooden flooring it might be a nice idea to place down a rug or carpet too. 2) When all of the basics are done you can really focus on making the room personal for your child. Perhaps if you’re artistic you could paint them a mural or add glow in the dark stars for something a little bit special. Of course now you can also add in all the bits and bobs your baby will need.

3) This is where our expertise comes in handy, try and be clever when you are looking for self-storage solutions. Hanging boxes and pods from the ceiling can be a great way to keep babies toys out of the way. For books and other items you want closer to reach high shelves can be a good option, as can large toy boxes which come in all shapes, sizes and types and can even feature your favourite story character on the side.

4) Think about safety too, it is easy for babies to get injured and you may find that when you start moving in play pens, locking items in cupboards or installing stair gates, you have less room than you thought. We have a range of boxes, packaging materials and unit available. So if you store initially with us then discover you need more room we can upgrade you to a larger sized unit with no hassle!

5) Make sure there is enough room to play: to live and enjoy life is a beautiful thing and as children get older they will relish having space to create, play and draw in! Our cardboard boxes can make great forts for toddlers and our family values mean we will provide excellent service along with our unit!

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