5 great things to do with packaging

Here at Store That in the London Docklands packaging is part of our world and we supply people with bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, polythene covers for items and much more!Packaging is used widely in the self-storage industry and is of course very important when it comes to protecting your items. However, it can be used for fun stuff too!

1) The classics: Make a fort, make a space ship, use boxes to make masks… kids love cardboard, it keeps them entertained, can be re-used again and again for different bits and bobs and can be recycled afterwards making them a very environmentally friendly toy for the planet! We have cardboard boxes in many different sizes which is not only useful when it comes to self-storage, but also means even you adults will be able to join in the box fun and squeeze into little cardboard cars.

2) Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap is universally loved by adults and children alike and we get so much enjoyment out of making the little protective cases of the bubble wrap pop! Here we sell rolls and rolls of it in different sizes! Don’t be fooled though, as fun as it is to jump, hop and even cartwheel on, it is very handy for wrapping up items in our sea-container rental units. Remember: using newsprint can leave marks on your items and other stains as time goes on. For a protective casing in cardboard boxes which really works come and talk to our experts about the best route to take.

3) Thinking outside the box: Have you ever considered making an oven with packaging supplies? No? How about a marble run? Or using the thick plastic sheets as a water slide base in the summer? Still no, then you are missing out.

4) Tape it up: Our sticky tape is made to an industrial standard which means not only will all of your creations stay in one piece but heavy boxes along with your beloved items should stay in one piece too. If you are concerned about how much weight a cardboard box can take then come and speak to one of our packaging specialists. We are more than happy to help!

5) DIY and inside the home: Not only are our boxes great for playing with and storing in our drive-up units but they can also be used in a clever way to store items in your home! Try our little DIY storage space: - Tape up the box on the bottom. - Turn the box on its side so that the bottom is at the back and you are staring into the inside of the box. - Get some material or paper and cover the box including the left and right free flaps. Cut off the bottom and top flaps. - Then sew on a button onto the left flap and ribbon as a loop on the right. - Hey Presto! You have a sweet little storage pace you can stack and also match to your décor.

For more great tips, secure self-storage and more contact us today!