What does having a Homely Kitchen and Secure Self-Storage Isle of Dogs have in Common?

Store That understand that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And that’s not only because it’s where all the best stuff is kept (by which of course I mean the food), but it’s also because it’s a dumping ground for random bits and bobs, shoes, the dog lead and much more. Toys are often found sitting at the table and in the winter anoraks are draped across radiators. Everyone has a drawer in their kitchen filled with at least four sets of odd keys, buttons, parts of a something that you know you’ll need eventually and much more. Needless to say, when people endlessly traipse in and out of a single room it gets cluttered pretty fast.

In order to be able to bake you need room but sometimes it can quickly feel like it’s running out and there’s nowhere to turn so you end up running to good old Tesco after promising yourself that this time, this time it would be different.

If this sounds like you then your kitchen needs a re-vamp - we can help with that!

De-Clutter; Throw, store, organise. The three steps to a happier life!

- This involves chucking everything you don’t need, I mean irrelevant letters from yonks ago amongst other odd bits and pieces which end up Store That - Kitchen Storagetaking over your life.

  • Everything you want to keep but have no space for should be placed into our care (Store That in the Isle of Dogs). We can offer top notch facilities for reasonable prices, this paired with our expertise and friendly team is what makes us so successful. We understand that everything you store with us is precious to you, so not only will we make sure you can access your unit when you need, but you can also be assured your items are safe from theft and damage due to our insulated units, insurance offered to you, (in case of a rainy day) 24/7 CCTV cameras and manned guarding.
  • This is where the fun comes in and you can be a little more innovative. Once you have cleared out everything you can there is room for improvement still and this can be accomplished by getting your kitchen organised so you have more space. Any of these nifty tricks will ensure that you have more space to store items and even prepare food!

If you need self-storage in E14, London then contact us today!

Photo credits = Kitchen Sourcebook, Paonde, diymaniac.com.